Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Top 10 Films I Have Seen I The Last Couple Of Weeks

Felt like a long time since I did a top ten..and as I've completely run out of genres (feel free to suggest some)..this genre is 'Films I've Watched Recently'. Inspiring, huh? Anyway, they're all complete fucking classics with no connection to each other, so here you go...

#01 : Psychomania (1973).
#02 : Dante's Peak (1997).
#03 : Lord Of The Flies (1990).
#04 : Die Hard 4.0 (2007).
#05 : Ghosts Of Mars (2001).

1 comment:

kek-w said...

#2 is "Dante's peak"

#3"Lord of the Flies"?

#4 is "Die Hard 4" (even tho I've never seen it; it just looks like that's what it

#5 is "Ghosts of Mars"...

I've no idea what any of the really obvious ones are lol