Tuesday, December 28, 2004

No, Really..This Is Too Much.

And later on in the same issue Whirlwind's kind of in a quasi-rape situation with The Wasp..in the previous panel he says 'You owe me a taste of your honey' (I would understand what he meant if she was called The Bee) - and quite honestly I'm shocked to the gills that this kind of thing is happening in mainstream Marvel Comics.
I really don't like my Super Villains degraded like this.


The Wasp & Yellow Jacket using their super powers to have sex (The Avengers Vol3 No 71). Now, I thought that sort of thing didn't go on.
He's made himself really small and has been, well, running around..you know.. down there.
I'm shocked.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Xmas Message

Ah, Christmas Day. A time to eat and be given things. A time to raid the stationary cupboard at work and to wonder why Noel Edmunds isn't on the telly live from some sick kid's hospital.
Even though I don't want to - I know I'll watch Harry Potter And The Lump Of Shit later. That's assuming we've finished watching The Great Escape ( I have it on tape - seeing as it's never on telly at Christmas any more).
Once I get out of the BBC pit, I'm heading home - and quite looking forward to it - neither of us is ill for the first time in three years, and we have lots and lots of food. It has to be better than Christmas Eve - my cooker failing to work, almost blowing myself up trying to sort out a light fitting in the bog, one of Kate's cats bleeding from the arse. It was just Bad Karma all round.
Still, it's a day to forget the bad times I had this year - the imminent falling of the BBC axe (Again), Van Helsing, Billy Connoly everywhere, getting a new postman who doesn't know shit about house numbers, the Uber-Crap Kill Bill Vol.2, that twat who won X Factor, my cat Planet deciding to drop dead (I think he was just sick of me), Big Brother, finding out Jane (News 24 Ultra-Babe) is a lesbo, VHS getting bum-fucked, Little Britain (What? It's crap), Angel getting the chop, The Book Cellar in Braunton closing down (even though I got about 40 books for £10), and meeting Tony Blair and not kicking him in the balls.
Still, there were good things - finding the Albion Bookstore in Las Vegas (the best shop I've ever been in, I almost shot my load), Some Girls by Rachel Stevens, Dawn Of The Dead, getting Kansas City Bomber on VHS, the Jah Wobble remix of Down Boy by Holly Valance, We Three by Grant Morrison, Battlestar Galactica, finally getting hold of a copy of Skull-Face by Robert E Howard, finding out Jane's a lesbo (well, once I started thinking about it...), Ultimate Fantastic Four, getting spazmo pissed with Kek-W then eating 50 cocktail sausages, and the Godlike Genius Of Ebay (where I bought, among other things, a silver polystyrene head).
With the wind behind me I should be home in time for Christmas All New Top Of The Pops, I just hope Kate lets me watch it.
Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Super Villain 2

Here's my Christmas present to all my readers - June Chadwick as the evil Lydia in V - The Series.
That lizard tongue just sends me.
Hoping to post a Christmas message tomorrow while I'm AT WORK.
I'm sure everyone will get up early at watch BBC Breakfast to see how badly I manage to fuck up the show.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Super Villain

Here's my new cat - Jupiter.
Although he's cute looking, he is, in fact, Evil.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Toby, The King Of Bad Taste

Many thanks for the late birthday prez from Toby, a tee-shirt from an Oz casino which proclaims: 'Liquor up Front - Poker In The Rear'.
Welcome back, old boy.

Monday, December 06, 2004

It's a terrible thing, dying healthy.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Flash has a really bad dream.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Birthday Madness

A couple of Uber Cool presents from Kate & Lurch - Olivia Newton-John- 'The Definitive Collection' - which is pretty fucking excellent. And a kind of Super-Villain encyclopedia, which I'm trawling through very slowly due to an Ultra-Hangover.
I had no idea there were 5 Crimson Dynamos and 4 Mr Fears - or that The Porcupine was dead (impaled by one of his own quills apparently).
Also in my big Lucky Bag were Buffy Season 7 (Thanks JC) - on VHS! - I refuse to be bullied by giant corporations into endless new formats. If one more person tells me how fucking wonderful fucking DVD is I'm going to shoot up a Burger King. I don't need the extras, man. If they're so fucking great why aren't they in the film in the fucking first place?
Also a Kylie / Hunter S Thompson parcel from Kek-W which rocks. Kylie's too big for the scanner otherwise she'd be plastered all over this post.
Also a Ghost Rider & bike Super-Poseable action figure (37 points of articulation - Wow), again from Lurch. Took it out of the box, wrecking the packaging, immediately.
All in all a good haul. Thanks folks.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

GA In Space

Now...left to right - Kimberley, Nadine, Sarah (Bad Trousers), Cheryl (damn -can't find a swastika symbol on my keyboard), Ruff Nicola. Got that Kek?
This is the original 1st album cover before they re-packaged it to look like everything else. It'll be worth a fortune in about 50 years time.
It's just so cool I almost bought it & now I wish I fucking had. It's Boss Science Fiction and it should be a 60s book cover.
Click to ENLARGE.