Saturday, January 21, 2006

Van Der Valked

I may have to postpone the imminent w*dding due to unforseen circumstances - I can't get hold of Eye Level by The Simon Park Orchestra on cd. I have it on vinyl which is of no use whatsoever.
Game over, man.
Shirt, Glitch - you're music dude boffins - can you help in the vinyl / cd crossover? This is actually a Life / Death matter.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Erin Gray Revisited For No Good Reason

JC - had a good night tonight - thanks for being a good sport & coming out to help me deal with my Cabin Fever & getting Totally Pasted with me. Here's to the Basement Flat Flood #2.

Sold Out

OK, Ken Livingstone, I've bought your fucking Oyster card - now fuck off and leave me alone you Greedy Nazi Cunt.
Postscript 20/01/06: I really do appologize for the awful & offensive language used in this post. I was Very Drunk when I wrote it and I promise I will never use the words Ken Livingstone again without a warning.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Science Fiction Fluff #09

The Uber-Hard Shane Vansen (aka Kristen Cloke) from Space: Above And Beyond. A series tragically cut off in its prime. Probably by the Fox Network - they've got no guts at all.


Finally got hold of a copy of Tanar Of Pellucidar, so I can now get on with the reading of the series. I could have got this at any time, actually, except I needed to have the US printing with a Frank Frazetta cover. Not fussy, or anything.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Big Bruvver

I can't begin to explain how happy it made me feel to watch all the 'celebrities' in the BB house ganging up on 'celebrity' whore Jodie Marsh & informing her what a Fuckwit she is. Fabulous.