Thursday, December 28, 2006

War Is Cool

Just finished re-reading Time To Hunt, what a fantastic book. So good I went out and bought it for Niowulf for Christmas. Even though he never reads anything I give him.
Niowulf: READ IT - IT'S REALLY GOOD WAR SHIT. It's even got HALO in it (High Altitude
And many thanks to Kidshirt for Where Eagles Dare..made in Real Time..never get tired of theme music possibly ever. And Eastwood in Nazi gear, you just can't top that.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Octopus 99 Boxing Day Message

Well, OK, not really a message as such..more a short word or two on Christmas TV.
I actually watched the Dr Who 'Christmas Special' all the way through (a couple of after-thought santas & a reference to Christmas dinner thrown in presumably to make it seem festive). There was nothing else on..really, there wasn't.
How bad is Russell T's PC World getting? Jesus, does every relationship in it have to be mixed race? And always the same two races??
The incidental music in that show is like, so terrible it's actually comedy. "Make the music really loud! It's expensive!" It doesn't seem to matter that whoever wrote it obviously hasn't seen this episode. Genius. People are probably out there buying the soundtrack right now.
And I'm assuming the endless references to the terminally shit Torchwood must mean that that show's not doing so well. Oh, good.
Wow, it sucked. It sucked like a beacon in the fog of Shite Christmas Day TV.
Whereas, Girls Aloud on TOTP (wasn't that shit-canned?) were absolutely the best TV of the day. How wonderful it was to be reminded of how awful the direction & vision-mixing is on music telly these days. God forbid we should be allowed to see a camera shot for more than a fraction of a fucking second before it cuts away. Dance routine? What dance routine was that then? Cut cut cut. Nice.
Ah, Kimberly. Even though I never saw you for more than a nano-fucking-second at a time and you were at the back.. nightmarishly relegated to behind Ruff Nicola (my, they've scrubbed her up)..I'm sure you looked fantastic.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Oh My God, What Have I Done..?

So, anyway, I live in The Country now. I haven't actually seen it yet it's been so fucking foggy. I'm sure it's marvelous, though. At least the cats seem to be getting on...
I was gonna do a 'post-BBC' thing tonight, but got fished in to watching 'Whatever Happened To Gareth Gates?' instead. My, that was Bad Television, I came out the other side absolutely rooting for the stuttering little fucker. Whoever made that show should be fucking hanged.
Note to the producer..maybe think about putting some fucking information in your next show, who knows, it might even help with your career.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Terminal Stupid b/w I Can't Come

Part of my new series of records I don't have.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

'Battle Ye Not With Monsters.....Lest Ye Become A Monster.'

Friday, December 08, 2006

Jupiter taking it well.

Well, now.
We moved to Devon last week, and now I'm back in London for a couple of weeks. Jupiter seems to be the only cat to be taking the whole moving thing well, I'm not sure he's actually realized he's somewhere else. Ursa Major, my other cat, completely freaked & howled for the whole four and a half hour journey. She's the cat that Diazapam doesn't work on. I really did think about just dumping her outside the Little Chef I stopped at and being done with it.
Tyrone, Mouse and Pushkin, the other three cats, are all still under the bed as far as I know.
Yesterday I put in my notice in at work, so I'm out of here in two weeks...although the wonderful BBC are actually charging me £162 to leave.
Just to reiterate: They Are Fucking Charging Me To Leave.
Ah, bless them, I know they mean well, although the word Cu.. (oh, I best not) does spring to mind.
I did take a picture of the magnificent view from our new living room window, from where we can see the whole of the Saunton Sands estuary, but it came out shit so here's a picture of our bungalow.
Thanks V Much to Mrs Zero, Lurch, Shirt & Niowulf for the particularly Cool birthday presents last week, they will be scanned & blogged eventually.