Thursday, December 28, 2006

War Is Cool

Just finished re-reading Time To Hunt, what a fantastic book. So good I went out and bought it for Niowulf for Christmas. Even though he never reads anything I give him.
Niowulf: READ IT - IT'S REALLY GOOD WAR SHIT. It's even got HALO in it (High Altitude
And many thanks to Kidshirt for Where Eagles Dare..made in Real Time..never get tired of theme music possibly ever. And Eastwood in Nazi gear, you just can't top that.


the X said...

- hey! happy post-xmas void and thanks for the amazing cattle cd's!
much appreciated around here lately...wish i knew how to write about music, then i'd reviewed it for the blog! but i have no idea how gets extremely crap each time i try putting it into words...:(
anyway, nice one!

St Anthony said...

I remember saying out loud, when I was about five, "I hope there's a war when I grow up", only to have both my parents start screaming at me. What's wrong with them? I though to myself.
Of course, now I'm a mature, right-on, sensitive type of chap.
Charlotte Rampling in Nazi gear, now that's surely as good as it gets.

El Duderino said...

HALO stands for High Altitude Low Opening, like when you jump out of a plane & don't open your chute until the last moment. Not that I have. Is that the Vietnam one? I can never remember which is which, but that's one of his best.

Dominic Zero said...

Cheers The X, just say 'it's the best thing you've ever heard' or something.
St Anthony..welcome. Charlotte Rampling eh? Been trying to find a picture of Alison Doody in Nazi / Afrika Korps luck yet.
And, yes, the Hunter book is The Nam one.
God Bless Bob The Nailer.

niowulf said...

Glad you reminded me as I need sommat to read as I have just finished "The Afghan" by Fred Forsythe, it was poor.

I usually like his books but this was very lame so I'll read your book next.

Good to see that you are back so they must have the InterWeb out west or are you in a Caff?

niowulf said...

By the way, never try a HANO, only any good if you like bouncing or burying into the ground.

Dominic Zero said...

Stephen Hunter pisses all over Forsythe, as you'll see.