Monday, January 01, 2007

Octopus 99 review Of The Year

Well, as far as 2006 went, it was mostly shit. Mark Webb ^ at the Zero wedding back in April, a highlight indeed. Now that was a v good day.
I only liked two songs: 'Somthing Kinda Ooooh' by The GA, and 'Patience' by Take That. I fucking love Take That and I'm zoomed they're back together, even though Mark Owen once called me Jeremy Beadle.
Film of the year...Eight Below.
I don't recall anything good on the telly.


kek-w said...

Genius. The Skipper in full flow. It's like a Tai chi thing w/ him...pure lager grace.

Dominic Zero said...

He does have panache.

doppelganger said...

Isn't that an aftershave?

Dominic Zero said...

I think it is, Blue smells like success.

kek-w said...

Watch out for the Brown Panache tho.