Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's Pronounced Narzee

Apparently former SS Club 7 singer Jo O'Meara (or is that now 'former Celebrity Big Brother contestant?) is joining forces with Girls Aloud Nazi minx Cheryl Tweedy.
As Jo left the BB house in jackboots and a suspiciously right-wing hat Cheryl immediately got in touch and suggested they make a single together.
It's rumoured they'll be recording under the name The Hard Nazi Bitches and their first single will be a cover of the Phil Collins right-wing anthem 'Another Day In Paradise'.
Jade Goody will not be in the band because she looks like a pig.
Danielle WAG will not be in the band because she actually is a pig.


St Anthony said...

Yeah, definitely now known merely as former CBB bitch and racist cretin. I understand there's a big audience out there for Nazi /white power rock music ... the irony is , if the moron did decide to launch a career in that direction, it'd be very lucrative.

Dominic Zero said...

Oh yeah, check out Prussian Blue, the KKK / neo-Nazi band. In fact they're not even neo, they're just Nazi.
What makes them scary is that they're two blonde teenage girls and the songs are written by their mother.
Big in America.

El Duderino said...

Look like the time is right to launch my aryan teen group 'SS Club'. If you know any suitably blond teenagers please send them to me for audition. The first single will be a industrial metal version of 'Tomorrow Belongs to Me'.