Thursday, March 23, 2006

No Fucking Deal

Noel Edmonds is now officially the highest paid presenter on British tv. How fucking depressing is that?
Just as Gaby Fuckwit Roslin finally disappears and Dar-vina is looking hot to plummet down the ratings toilet, they start bringing tossers back that I thought we were well rid of.
Who's next? Anthea Snowflake Turner - the woman who put the sack & shit in Sack Of Shit?

Call The Cops - Or Don't

Well, great statement from The Fuzz yesterday - they're basically not bothering with 'lesser' crimes now. Oh, unless they're motivated by racism or homophobia - because that's so much worse. So you can get out there and kick the shit out of somebody else as long as you're mugging them, or you don't like their hair - PC reasons - just make sure you don't call them anything. Well, call them a wanker or a cunt - just be careful you don't stray into unacceptable forms of abuse.
My brother got pretty badly duffed up last week on a bus for no apparent reason. Yeah - no apparent reason - there's an awful lot of it about - most of it. Ooo - but it's so much more important to catch the perps if they call you a poof or a honky first.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Ghost Rider Vs The Tarantula

Ah, the original, cool Ghost Rider. I loved those Marvel westerns.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Kid Shirt / Octopus 99 Crossover

Well, now - Kid Shirt came to town last night (no, that's not a picture of him) for a kind of pre-stag beverage. All I can say is that we drank many drinks and smoked many cigarettes (in retrospect I think possibly going lager / bourbon / lager / bourbon again / gin was a mistake on my part - Shirt seemed more focused & stuck to gin) and then ate many cocktail sausages. We talked about things and caught some late night Sci Fi soft porn and looked at books and watched Jupiter the cat and stayed up late and I think Shirt blogged at some point.
Today all I really know is that I feel like I may have Avian Flu or possibly Scurvy and that all I have the energy to do is look at pictures of Cheryl Ladd.

Red Dawn

As I seem to be able to post pictures again - and my blog is little if not nothing without visual accessories - as a kind of postscript to Kid Shirt's recent alpha-male Red Dawn appreciation post I give you the great C Thomas Howell (The Hitcher, ET, quite a few straight-to-video erotic thrillers).
He's the bitter & twisted 14 year-old stone killer Robert in Red Dawn. I once wrote a song about him.
He's also currently starring in the mini-series remake of The Poseidon Adventure on Sky One.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Gooood Morning

I woke up this morning - slightly hungover from a session with Lurch last night - and the first item on the local news read: ' The badly disfigured faces of children will be displayed throughout the underground network today.'
I'll look forward to that, then.