Thursday, March 23, 2006

Call The Cops - Or Don't

Well, great statement from The Fuzz yesterday - they're basically not bothering with 'lesser' crimes now. Oh, unless they're motivated by racism or homophobia - because that's so much worse. So you can get out there and kick the shit out of somebody else as long as you're mugging them, or you don't like their hair - PC reasons - just make sure you don't call them anything. Well, call them a wanker or a cunt - just be careful you don't stray into unacceptable forms of abuse.
My brother got pretty badly duffed up last week on a bus for no apparent reason. Yeah - no apparent reason - there's an awful lot of it about - most of it. Ooo - but it's so much more important to catch the perps if they call you a poof or a honky first.

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