Friday, December 08, 2006

Jupiter taking it well.

Well, now.
We moved to Devon last week, and now I'm back in London for a couple of weeks. Jupiter seems to be the only cat to be taking the whole moving thing well, I'm not sure he's actually realized he's somewhere else. Ursa Major, my other cat, completely freaked & howled for the whole four and a half hour journey. She's the cat that Diazapam doesn't work on. I really did think about just dumping her outside the Little Chef I stopped at and being done with it.
Tyrone, Mouse and Pushkin, the other three cats, are all still under the bed as far as I know.
Yesterday I put in my notice in at work, so I'm out of here in two weeks...although the wonderful BBC are actually charging me £162 to leave.
Just to reiterate: They Are Fucking Charging Me To Leave.
Ah, bless them, I know they mean well, although the word Cu.. (oh, I best not) does spring to mind.
I did take a picture of the magnificent view from our new living room window, from where we can see the whole of the Saunton Sands estuary, but it came out shit so here's a picture of our bungalow.
Thanks V Much to Mrs Zero, Lurch, Shirt & Niowulf for the particularly Cool birthday presents last week, they will be scanned & blogged eventually.


niowulf said...

£162, isn't that the licence fee.

Molly Bloom said...

Oooh, that bungalow is really nice. I'm glad it all went well. Nice to see you back for a bit.

They've got a flippin' cheek about the money though haven't they? Did you get a gold card with advent windows as well? I got one from them today. I thought they could have at least shoved some choccies behind the windows. Damn!

Dominic Zero said...

I got nothing. Tight bastards.

kek-w said...

Hey, glad you've finally (almost) got out of The London; what a shithole.

Dominic Zero said...

Now, now, there's nothing wrong with London that assassinating Ken Livingstone wouldn't cure.

Elduderino said...

While I'm here, and to save the price of a text message, I'll be in the Ship 8ish on Sat. The Fox has opened in it's new location, & might pop in there after cos it's got a late license. Don't expect you to come there though.

Dominic Zero said...

Are you saying I'm too much of a Woofter Cunt to drink at the Fox?

Kenneth Murder said...

Is that cat dead? It looks dead.