Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Logan's Badge

Now that's some birthday present. Two Logan's Run badges. Fucking magnificent.


psych said...
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doppelganger said...

I had a Christmas jersey like that once.... dead nice.... grey band across the chest...

Molly Bloom said...

Oh, now that is cool! I have prezzies for you at home! Yee har! Happy Birthday Dom! Have a great day! Hope you don't get too stressed moving.

Here is a little 'live' poem for you I'm writing as I go along. Apologies for awful rhymes. Say it out loud in the voice of Pam Ayres. 'Tis meant to be a bit Pammy. I know you like Pammy, but not this one. Ew!

Happy Birthday Dommers,
I sent you Ms Locklear,
It's a pity she's not with you now,
It's a pity she's not here.

I'd like to send you Manga,
I'd like to send you Pammy,
Just think of Heather AND Pam,
A fluff double whammy!

We're all Tomorrow's People,
We're all on Logan's Run,
But, when all is said and done,
We look towards the sun.

You're leaving London soon, for good,
A new life, somewhere free,
Say goodbye to Kate and Natasha,
Being precious about their tea.

We wish you every happiness,
On your special, happy day,
Get those boxes packed,
And come back soon and play.

Molly Bloom said...

Hope the move went well. Gawd, I hate moving.