Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Man With Huge Cock postcard from professional writer Kek-W. I can only assume this is how they talk down Bournemouth way.


KJB said...

Darnit! I decide to Google Cheese's quote just to be sure that he did actually say the 'ho' pulled a gun out of Down There, and find somebody's already beaten me to my dream blog header.

Congratulations, Sir. :-D

Dominic Zero said...

Aw, sorry 'bout that. The Wire is my current religion.

kek-w said...

It didn't take long for me to get 'In Character'.

KJB said...

It's OK, all it does is show you have good taste, and an excellent sense of humour :-D. That's not really that common where I live! I too worship at the altar of The Wire. I honestly believe that there will never be another show to rival it (in my lifetime, at least!). Who's your favourite character(s)? Omar (ofc), I also love The Bunk... and Daniels... and Freeman.

Say, you aren't ACTUALLY a figurine, are you? I have to say, I found your blog by accident, but now I've decided to hang around because I kind of like it :-D .

Dominic Zero said...

Glad you found the blog, later this evening I may (or possibly may not be) putting up a self-portrait as passed on to me through the Blogosphere.
I do love The Wire, we're sitting down to season 5 tonight.
Bunk's ace, and I always liked Stringer Bell. And Omar...he is Jesus round here.