Monday, July 21, 2008


A Self-Portrait thing that's going passed on to me from Kek-W. Apparently there are no rules, any format goes, the idea is to 'reveal some aspect of your inner psyche'. As I don't have an inner psyche, or even an outer one, I just done a felt-tip representation of how I see myself.
And I see myself with a monocle, filed teeth, an Emporer Ming beard, a scar and a hairstyle I had in 1982. As everyone should know by now, I'm a natural blonde who dyes his hair shit-brown because I'm deep.
I'm also a lot fatter & older than this picture implies, but fuck you - it's my picture.

I shall pass this mercifully onto Lurch & new reader KJB. And Molly!

Lurch - no pictures of yourself as Jesus.

Felt-Tips are ace, I might get into colouring in some of my 'ink & paper' drawings of Sue Storm getting 'seen to' by some drunken Advanced Ideas Mechanics. I would post them up, but Marvel might sue me as I'm not sure The FF ever came up against A.I.M..


kek-w said...

LOL! That's total genius, man!

I'm curious just how uber-vain Lurch's self-portrait is gonna be lol...

Dominic Zero said...

Thanks. Liked your Meme thing's strangely recognizable.
I'm looking forward to Lurch's, as you say..veeerrry interesting.

El Duderino said...

Cunts. You're just jelous cos I look like Stevan Seagal. Might just post a pic of him instead...

Ok, give me a couple of days.