Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bang Bang

As fate would have it I travelled all the way up to Bristol last week to catch The Bangles. I don't know why, really, I think it was social desperation. Anyway, met up with Webb, started drinking a little early, and, well, watched them play songs.
The photos are indeed shit, but I did take them on my phone (yes, I was one of those cunts who spends the whole time holding their mobile in the air - I think that might be worse than being a pavement cyclist), whilst standing at the bar, so it's hardly surprising they suck.
Still, The Bangles were pretty good, they just came on, did their thing without ceremony, then off they went. I recognized more songs than I thought I would. Hoffs still looks pretty good, I mean, she must be, I dunno, at least thirty by now, and the two sisters never looked that good in the first place so no disapointment there. My only problem was that the Bangle I used to fancy was the bassist, and she wasn't there. I do think this could have been flagged up beforehand - obviously Webb's research was a tad lacking.
Still, it was a good night. M Barber was there (he seemed to know ahead of time that the original bassist wasn't involved thus presumably wasn't racked with disapointment - mind you he's still involved in the Music Scene, so I guess he would know things like that), and I got falling down pissed. I really did. I actually fell down. How '80s is that?


Jon Rain said...

Sorry I missed the Bangles. I am readng the blog from Uruguay waiting for the mens finals to restart. The emails we send get rejected, I think, can you send us one to link back up.

Dominic Zero said...

I can't believe Federer won that
3rd set, he's been playing like a twat.
Still, I do want Nadal to win, though I want a 5 setter - Wimbledon's been really good this year and I don't want it to end.
My email should be the same as it always was...Will send you a mail after the tennis has finished so let me know if you get it.
Hoffs was looking pretty damn good, but I was about seven pints up, so who knows?
Uruguay eh? Nice. Beats the shit out of Bristol.