Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ant Holocaust

Well now, been over on Kid Moth (sadly now metamorphosed back into Kid Shirt human form) a few times and have desperately scoured my recently de-boxed book collection to find something moth related. But nothing, not one single moth inspired piece of literature.
So...I'm going Ants instead...they grow bigger and are, er, frighteninger.
Except for Mothra. I don't think any size ant could seriously fuck with Mothra.


kek-w said...

Woooh - that's another of those Badger Books beauties - whatshisname - Fanthorpe or summat?

Amways lurved "Empire of the Ants" with Joan Collins - must get a DVD of that sometime.

Dominic Zero said...

Indeed, another charity shop find.
I think R L Fanthorpe was better known for ghost stories.
'Empire Of The Ants'...I want that too. A true classic.

kek-w said...

Ants aside - Bren was round earlier this evening for a few drinks - he sez HI!