Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Beetle

The Absorbing Man (Crusher Creel)


Whirlwind (Formally The Human Top)

Madame Hydra -( Now Known As Viper) Married To Wolverine

I know, I know - they're all Marvel. But that's what I was brought up on. Once again - have a go at naming them all, give me your own top ten, whatever you feel comfortable with. You know it makes sense.


doppelganger said...

I can only get the easy ones - Vulture, Silver Samurai? Green Viper? - Is that the Scorpion menacing Aunt May?

niowulf said...

1 The Chicken

2 Baldie Locks

3 Headache

4 Daft Vader

5 Honey B

6 Mr Buzzy

7 Chain Male

8 Green Meanie

9 Sontaron

10 Nice Legs

Dominic Zero said...

Three and a half there Doppeldude..can't really give you Green Viper.
As for you're not really trying, are you??

kek-w said...

1. Bird-man (as he was originally called)

2. Vulture

3. Modok

4. Silver Samurai

5. Not getting this one...looks a bit like Jack O'Lantern, but ain't...

6. is that a new incarnation of The Beetle?

7. Absorbing man

8. Scorpion

9. Whirlwind (formally The Human Top)

10. Madam Hydra/Viper

Let the side down badly, there...but not up to speed on modern Marvel Villains...Christ, but Marvel's gone to shit these days (and by, these days, I mean post about 1973...)

Jeez...but I've got a hangover this morning...

niowulf said...

Not trying! It took ages to make those names up.

El Duderino said...

I got them all except the dude with the bees. He just does it for the buzz, right?

Dominic Zero said...

Well done Kek & El Dude. Nobody's got #5 - but Niowulf's pretty close.
I couldn't find a decent old pic of The Beetle when he had sucker fingers & the cool helmet.
Bird Man was in the Unholy Three and MODOK stands for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing.
I'll post all the names up when I'm busy at work tomorrow.

Molly Bloom said...

I think Niowulf tried quite hard there. And Kek and Duds are superduper aren't they?

Dominic Zero said...

Yes, Nioulf put in a lot of time and effort and I just took the piss.
I did say 'Say What You See' and he did. 'Mr Buzzy' was legend.
Kek & El Dude are indeed super-duper in an old fogey way, but they do need to brush up on their modern villains in the same way that I make every effort to keep up with modern music.

Molly Bloom said...

I sometimes find it hard to keep up with 'young people's' music. Although I finally heard some proper 'dubstep' today. And thought Kek would be proud that now I actually know what it is.

Molly Bloom said...

But are Kek and Duds supa-pa dupa-pa lights are gonna find me? Is that it?

kek-w said...

"young peoples' music" - LOL!

"Modern villains" - pah! Tuff names and tuff talk, but me daughters could 'ave 'em. One hand b'hind their backs. Anything not created by Stan & Jack (or by Arnold Drake, John Broome & Gardner Fox if yr talking DC...) ain't worth the ink it's printed on...

Dominic Zero said...

Indeed, villains had better names back then too...I think Niowulf's 'Headache' is a classic example of the old school style.
And now TOTPs has been axed, that's me out of the 'young people's music' scene for ever.

Molly Bloom said...

Thinking of old style...I wonder who the first ever super-villain was? I'm sure you or Kek would know.

I have started 'dancing' onto the dance-floor. That's where, when you get to a certain get so excited to hear certain songs at 'parties' you start to dance as you get out of your chair. I have been told by young people that this is not the done thing. It's a bit like eating Arctic Roll and enjoying it.

Did I just admit to doing something bad? Oh shucks.

Dominic Zero said...

Arctic Roll? Fucking A.