Thursday, November 03, 2005

Logan's Fluff

Found this today..50p in a shop that should know better. If I ran the Sci Fi Channel I'd show this series every day. Heather Menzies is largely forgotten Fluff. She was the third eldest in The Sound Of Music, and the annoying reporter in Pirahna. A stand-in was used for the 'distract the guard with a tit flash' scene in the latter. This upset me greatly in later life when I could figure these things out.


Psychbloke said...

Exactly how did you figure it out?

Dominic Zero said...

Er, well, it's a a blatant cut away, which is how it works.
I didn't understand this kind of technical cheating until at least 1988.
Or someone told me. Probably a girl. They like to crush dreams.

Abrasivist said...

I'll always remember the movie Logans Run as one of our first looks at Farrah Fawcett.

Dominic Zero said...

Ah, Farrah. In only her second movie.
And she reqired no body double in Saturn 3.