Tuesday, November 22, 2005

In The Papers Today

'Smokers should pay for their own care' - so say 4 out of 10 Britons. - We already do you stupid fuckers.
We're also funding the military & keeping the fucking roads passable. You should worship at our feet you fucking Freaks.

'Gary Glitter May Get Shot.'

'George Best Still Not Dead'.

'I'm A Celebrity Producers At Fault For Making Elaine Lordan Go On Show'.

What are we going to do? It's all over.


kek-w said...

Kill 'em all, the fuckers!

Then shoot 'em in the head when they come back to life again.

Dominic Zero said...

Then fuck 'em back to life then kill 'em again.
Fucking non-smokers - it's all about them.

KOM said...

Gary Glitter? There's a name I haven't heard in a long time... a long time.

See? There are worse people than non-smokers out there.

Dominic Zero said...

Yeah...but it's a very fine line.