Sunday, March 23, 2008

Keifer Easter

Well, now. Jesus died on the cross so I could have a Keifer Sutherland mug. I think that's fair.
I actually stopped watching 24 after Season 2, it got so laboured I got tired just sitting there watching it. They should've called it 12, or even 6 and I would have stayed with it. But I still love ex-con Keifer. He did his time without complaint and he just has the best voice in the world. I often wonder if when he goes out for a pint with Charlie Sheen these days whether they still invite Emilio Estevez. I mean, what would they say to the guy? Poor Emilio, I guess he could make some more Mighty Ducks films if he wanted to.
As far as Easter is concerned, it's like a poor man's Christmas, there's fucking nothing on telly. Why isn't Von Ryan's Express on? Or North West Frontier? If I can pluck up the courage to go out to the creepy garden shed where all our videos are I guess I could look for some TJ Hooker (I do have a hankering to see the episode where Heather Locklear goes undercover as a prostitute...oh, that's all of them), though it's doubtful Mrs Zero would agree to watching that over lunch. Still, I believe there is a copy of About A Boy out there which desperately needs to be stamped on & burned, so if no more posts appear here it's probably because I've been attacked and killed by the giant Shed Spiders whilst ridding the world of at least one copy of that hideous fucking film.

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