Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Bought this book (above) recently, admittedly to sell on, but I was just struck by the awful cover. Could you find a worse picture of Jennifer Garner? Okay, she's not the prettiest girl in the world, and the poor cow's married to Ben Affleck, but if you're going to the trouble of writing & printing a whole book, make a fucking effort. I mean, it's Alias for chrissakes, she wears all sorts of different outfits (below are just a handful of suggestions for the reprint). More to the point she spent a lot of time in rubber & latex. At least she did in the first season, before she presumably got powerful enough to refuse to wear anything that 98% of the viewing public wanted to see her in.
I actually lost interest in Alias after Season 1 largely because for a hard-nosed uber-agent working undercover she seemed to spend an awful lot of the time crying and getting upset. Either that or she was in jeans and a tee shirt the whole time once her contract had been renewed and I no was longer fished in. Everyone knows female undercover agents have to dress up as either prostitutes or pole dancers or goths at least half the time. Just ask Heather Locklear.


El Duderino said...

She looks cross-eyed and in desperate need of photoshopping.

Actually if I ran an undercover espionage agency I would only hire hot chicks and dress them in rubber and lingerie. I mean it makes fucking sense, innit? Then I'd pray to god all the targets hung out at fetish parties. They'd really stand out in Safeway.

Dominic Zero said...

I'm with you, there's no point in them otherwise.

Dan said...

"Then I'd pray to god all the targets hung out at fetish parties."

Everyone knows they do. It comes with the territory. To end up in that line of work you have to take pleasure in role-play, dressing up in uniforms (sometimes cross-dressing), and knowing there is a serious threat of torture around every corner. How could you end up in that career if you went a fetishist? It just make sense.

Dan said...

I mean 'wern't'.

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