Saturday, February 02, 2008

London Town

Well, I survived three days in London, though it did turn into basicasally one long drinking session. I'm not really used to this sort of thing anymore, one drinking sesh every 3 months or so is my norm. I'm still hungover & I got back on wednesday. It's like I've caught 50% of the Novovirus, no puking just a constant stream of liquid shit.
Caught up with some righteous people: Neil & Kate (thanks for the Crystal Palace mug), El Duderino (what comic was I supposed to be getting? The Mark Millar thing - was it The FF?), Niowulf (I'll never slag off people that own Leathermans ever again), plus Geoff, Lee, Nick T, Andre & Caroline. I now think I'm actually suffering from some kind of socializing fatigue.
Today I'm off to socializing, just gonna keep my head down and hope for the best.

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El Duderino said...

Yep it was Fantastic Four. Out this month sometime.