Friday, February 01, 2008

10 More Hideous Secrets

Donna emailed me her '10 Records That Lurk At The Back Of My Collection' as she's too lazy to actually do a blog.
This thing seems to be snowballing right out of hand & disrupting the actual fabric of the known Blogosphere, so sorry about that.

1/ Barbra Streisand : 'Woman In Love'. Hmm, not so bad, we play it in the shop.
2/ Sheena Easton : '9 To Five' (or 'Morning Train if you're a Yank). Fantastic. I've been meaning to post her classic 'Machinery' but have yet to do so.
3/ Kajagoogoo : 'Too Shy'. I'd love to say I liked them, but I really fucking hated them.
4/ Then Jericho : 'Big Area'. Holy shit, did they really exist? I thought that was all some private Hell.
5/ Hanson : 'Um Bop'. Very Kool.
6/ Madonna : 'Ray Of Light'. Like that a lot, think it's a great pop record.
7/ Natalie Imbruglia : 'Torn'. I only really liked her when she was playing Beth in Neighbours.
8/ Justin Timberlake : 'What Goes Around Comes Around'. The man's a cunt. Lets hope the song title happens for him and somebody sticks a hot fork in his eye.
9/ Plain White T's : 'Hey There Delilah'. Never fucking heard of them but I'm sure they're shit.
10/ The Ordinary Boys : 'I Love You'. Hmm, more tossers.

Well, thanks Donna, for sharing that. It's all therapy. I'm off to investigate Sheena Easton on You Tube.


doppelganger said...

I saw Then Jericho live once - they were wearing cricket jumpers I think...

Dominic Zero said...

Wow, that's quite bad.
I saw The Monochrome Set once & I still get convulsions when I think about it.

kek-w said...

"The Monochrome Set" - one of the worst gigs I've ever been to. I think a ten worst live gigs thing might be in order at some point.

Dominic Zero said...

I'm in.