Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blonde Genius

Possibly the rarest book knocking around my office/stock room. It's a career-suicide epic from Western pulper JT Edson, which is why it's so rare.
All I can tell you is it's posh school girls vs Mediterranean Mafia.
Don't know who the cover artist is, if you know please enlighten me. Gotta dig a school-girl with Lugers.


niowulf said...

I'm sure you will like this. A girl I know has a cameraman boyfriend who has just finished working on a film involving a bunch of mercenaries looking for WW2 treasure but end up fighting Nazi zombies.

Dominic Zero said...

Fucking great. Nazi two favourite things in one film. If Jessica Alba's in it it'll be just perfect.
Isn't it about time you popped down this way?

Dominic Zero said...

PS : Apparently half the audience walked out of Lily Allen's show..and they were hand picked fans...basically because it was 'sick, boring & crap'.
Thought you might like to know.

kek-w said...

"Apparently half the audience walked out of Lily Allen's show..."

Perhaps there is a God, after all.