Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Octopus 99 Review Of 2007

Well, this'll be brief. Been so far up my own ass all year most things have passed me right by.
I just read back over the year here at Octopus 99 & it's no fucking wonder nobody's tuning in.

Anyway. Reality Nazis Goody & O'Meara. Enjoyed that scenario a lot. Lovely to see people destroy their own careers. Although Danielle Lloyd (who actually really was the worst of the bunch), somehow seemed to get away with it completely. This is because she gets her tits out. Unfortunately for Jade & Jo, nobody wanted to see their tits. Ah, what a wonderful planet we live on. Still, good to see Gervais bringing it all up again on Extras, just in case there was any danger of people forgetting the whole thing. All in all it caused the death of Celebrity BB, which surely must be a good thing and we should all thank these nobodies for their sacrifice.

Good Movies : Die Hard 4.0, The Prestige, 3.10 To Yuma, 300.

Bad Movies : Ghost Rider - Shee-it. Premonition - Wow, somebody actually sat down and wrote this shit. Really, I recommend it just so you can see how truly awful a film can be.
I watched Love Actually for the first time just last week. I know it wasn't made in 2007 but, Fucking Hell, I really think that might've been the worst film I have ever seen. Really. Ever.

Eurovision : Serebro were robbed.

X Factor : Same Difference were robbed. Did anyone else notice how shit Leon was? I mean, you don't expect much from this programme, but Jesus.

Dr Who : Hahahaha.

TV : Dexter. Fucking hard. That Skoda ad. Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip..started so well then lost it completely. No wonder it got axed. CSI. Just always good.

Maddie : So nobody else went missing last year then. Look out for the McCanns on next year's Strictly Come Dancing.

Best Event Of 2007 : The Spice Girls comeback single failing to make the top 10. How fucking marvellous was that? And it was a charity single. Oh, how I laughed. I still get a semi just thinking about it.

Well, that'll be it, then. Happy NY to you both.

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