Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kid Shirt / Octopus 99 Crossover

Excellent booze-up with The Shirts a couple of nights back. As mentioned over on Shirt's blog (I don't know how to do that thing where you click on the name and it takes you to their blog), large amounts of gin & bourbon were consumed outside in the somewhat dangerous summer conditions....and they let me play with the fire. Due to my pyromaniacal past this was very brave of them. I haven't been allowed within ten feet of a fire since 1988. One day I'll tell that story.
The next day in Honiton I found a perfect little toy that will complete my next Classic Movie Re-creation.


Anonymous said...

I'm very much lookin' forward to your next CMR and I am greatly intrigued by this "toy"...

ps: I wanna go to The Shirt's and get liquored up 'n' play with fire - you get all the fun!

Dominic Zero said...

Best put the Nivea's not gonna be a dirty one.