Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Saturday Night In The City Of The Dead

Had a blast of a night out with The Shirts last weekend. Went to see a couple of bands in Yeovil - Citrusboy and The Band That Flinty Drums In - both V Good too, although my socializing skills were undermined by Dick Vomit buying me strong lager (this not only screws up my ability to talk English, but it also results in uber-hiccups), so I basically talked the same shit I would've anyway but without any vowels. Appologies to anybody I didn't say goodnight to at the end - I may have said gdnght, I can't remember.
Anyway, suffice to say four hours in the Kek Bunker drinking Beam and listening to Ian Hunter seemed to solve the problem.
All the evening lacked was Song #1 by Serebro being played in between bands. I suggest Mr Flint sorts this problem out the next time he DJs.


Anonymous said...

Serebro are just so, so beautiful, Russian, and ace... I dreamt of them last night - I was rolling around with them, all of us semi-naked in a warm sun-kissed field of sweet meadow flowers, laughing, touching, sighing, some real good drugs were involved too!! Fantastic stuff!

Dominic Zero said...

Aaaalrighty then. That sounds like a good night in.

kek-w said...

Works for me!