Thursday, May 17, 2007

Julian Cope - Exeter Phoenix 14/05/2007

Met up with Mr Shirt for beer and entertainment in Exeter the other night.
A kind of one man show rather than a gig - I have always had a special place in my heart for Cope - he's just been out there doing his thing for so long that you can't deny his sincerity - he just is what he is and he's damn good at being Julian Cope.
Although I kind of haven't listened in on much he's done since the appalling Autogeddon, it seems like I haven't actually missed much - the majority of the set was familiar to me, which, of course, made for an easier night. Mellotron versions of 'You Disappear From View' and 'The Great Dominions' were fucking awesome.
He did a lot of ranting in between the songs which might sound a tad self-indulgent but for the most part was really funny - he does have a gift for the anecdote.
Anyway, this is all becoming too much like I'm trying to write a review. Suffice to say he did 'Sunspots', possibly the best version of 'Screaming Secrets' I've ever heard him do, a cracking 'Upwards At 45 Degrees' and wore a fucking cool hat.
All in all he's still a godamn Genius.
As a footnote, I don't know whether it was anything to do with the Copeness of the evening, but I felt like a complete cunt taking photos with a phone.


St. Anthony said...

Excellent - he's still rocking the stormtrooper look.
Long may his Copeness continue.

johneffay said...

Me 'n' Mrs effay caught him last Saturday in Norwich: Two and half hours and not a boring minute. Turned out to be quite a cheap night as I had difficulty dragging myself out to the bar.

I couldn't believe it when he did 'The Great Dominions' on mellotron. Outstanding.

Dominic Zero said...

He hasn't lost it, has he? I wasn't bored for a second - and it was a non-smoking venue.
I'd almost forgotten how into him I used to be..bordering on worship..but at the end of the day he's the nearest thing to a hero I have in the music world.
And the hat, you just can't deny that the Nazis knew how to dress.

Molly Bloom said...

Ooooh, green with jealousy.
Was up at your old workplace on Thursday. Wish you had been there to pop in and say hello. Hope you are wellxx

kek-w said...

Yeah, genius night out, Man - great to catch up with ya!

Dominic Zero said...

Twas a great night -have sent you some pix of The Copeness.
Molly - good to hear from you. Were at the BBC eh? Strangely I don't miss the place..I just have bad acid-type flashbacks about Marr On Sunday.