Sunday, May 06, 2007

Classic Movie Re-Creations At Octopus 99

No.2: Nine And A Half Weeks.
Ok - to be honest I don't really remember much about this film except that there was a strawberry & a blindfold in it. I'm pretty sure Mickey Rourke didn't have 'Made In China' stamped on his ass.
Turns out I do have an Action Man after all - amazing what you can find when you put your mind to it.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is truly great - sorry didn't comment earlier but spent the first couple hours responding to the images using a more primitive part of my brain... Barbie is looking great considering her age - has she had any plastic surgery do you think? tee hee! Have I your permission to use these images as PC wallpaper? Don't wanna get done fer copyright.

Dominic Zero said...

Of course, use away.
If this blog ends up closing down you'll know why...

El Duderino said...

I'm being picky again but it looks like a much better film than '9 & a Half' ever was - more porno revenge thriller in which a blonde Wonder Woman get's it up the Mullholland by masked facist. You should write the script - I see Ben Affleck and Kylie, for some reason. Although you will probably get sued by DC.

Dominic Zero said...

Well, I think you're right. Although it's Supergirl getting snakethumped not WW.
I'm never gonna let fucking Affleck be in one of my movies..I'm thinking Vin Diesel, although he'd have to be killed at the end.
Looks like I'll probably get sued by DC, Mattel and Palitoy by the end of the week.
Not to mention the BBC once I publish my 'Last Days In The Sucking Pit' post.

St. Anthony said...

Arf arf. The strawberry is the cherry on top - if you see what I mean. I've got that awful Joe Cocker song rattling away in my brain now.
Actually, wouldn't be at all suprised if Mental Mickey had 'Made In China' stamped on his bum.