Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ring Of Fire

Went to see Devon based Johnny Cashists Ring Of Fire a couple of nights ago. Never really seen a tribute band before, but they were actually brilliant, the whole gig had a genuine buzz to it.
They didn't just reel off all the obvious stuff, Cocaine Blues, Hey Porter were in there, along with a kicking version of I Hung My Head. A tribute rather than an impersonation. A great night out...and somebody gets shot in nearly every song.


St. Anthony said...

"Somebody gets shot in nearly every song" ... excellent, it's what you want out of pop music.

Saw a Stones tribute band by accident one time ... I was as pissed as a high court judge but I remember thinking they were a damn sight better at it than the Stones have been for years.

Dominic Zero said...

I can imagine that.
I was pretty pissed & I do love Johnny Cash, so I was expecting it all to be a bit of a let down, but they were so into it & full of energy I enjoyed like it was the real thing.