Friday, April 13, 2007

A Bridge Too Far

A Bridge Too Far playing cards...What I can't work out is how did I ever manage without them?


St. Anthony said...

I like those.

Dominic Zero said...

Yeah, they're cool. I actually stole them from a pub, which makes them all the sweeter.

St. Anthony said...

Purloined stuff, there's nothing quite like it.

El Duderino said...

Totally unrelated to the post - just checked out your ebay stuff. Are you specializing in Nazi books these days? And coincidentally I was going to put my House of M stuff up soon.

Personally am doing a roaring trade in crappy dance CDs that I bought while under the influence of Toby and Damien.

Chat soon.

Dominic Zero said...

Yeah, cutting down on my Kessler / Hassel pile of books...just got £30 for a Danger Girl alternate cover.