Wednesday, March 14, 2007

#06: Hamburger Hill (1987).

#07: Go Tell The Spartans (1978).
#08: Casualties Of War (1989).

#09: Rolling Thunder (1977).

#10: Full Metal Jacket (1987).
Here you go. Don't be put off by the black & whiteness, they're all movies in full technicolour. Also some might be post 'Nam.
This might well be the last Top Ten I do...mainly 'cause I'm all out of genres. Tell me the a bag of liquorice torpedoes.


niowulf said...

Here goes:

1 The Green Berets

5 Apocalypse Now

6 Hamburger Hill

7 Go Tell the Spartans

8 Casualties of War

9 Rolling Thunder

10 Full Metal Jacket

I can be pretty confident that "Platoon" won't be among that lot as you hate Oliver Stone so much.

Anonymous said...

Ooohh.. my sweet Jesus.. I hate Harry Potter soooo fuckin' much it hurts.... sorry, of topic 'n' all...

Anonymous said...

sorry - spelling mistake, Mr Morris..

Dominic Zero said...

Niowulf..nice one..cleaned up there & nobody else seems to be having a go.
Davider...Join the club..Harry Potter's a cunt.

Dominic Zero said...

PS - Yes I do hate Oliver Stone..& Platoon's a pile of shit.

St. Anthony said...

Yes, any hater of Harry Potter and Oliver Stone is a friend of mine. Would have had a go but all the ones I knew were already identified.
4 is on the tip of my perceptual tongue ... but just can't name it ... or is that what they all say?
New genres? Kinky Euro nuns from the 70s? Linnea Quigley shower scenes?

St. Anthony said...

Actually, what a bloody good film Go Tell The Spartans is.

Dominic Zero said...

Liking the genre ideas. #4 is a Shit picture, but it was all I could find. #3 Fucking nobody will get except possibly The Shirt.
And #2..I can't believe nobody's got that.
And 'Go Tell The Spartans' is superb..kind of a 'Nam 'Cross Of Iron'.

Anonymous said...

Is no.2 the bit in "Apocalyse Now" where the two MPs put Martin Sheen in the shower to sober him up before hauling him downtown to see Harrison Ford and get his mission breifing?

Dominic Zero said...

Er...No. Nicely worked out though. Although in the matter of figures of authority giving the lead guy a shower you're very much on the right lines.

Dominic Zero said...

Due to lack of anybody else having a go...I declare myself weel and truly The Winner. So there.

St. Anthony said...

I was going to say 4 might be The Boys In Company C. No, really.

Dominic Zero said...

Ah, of course you were. I've actually thought of another I'm 'researching' it now...well, looking for pictures.