Friday, September 05, 2008

Top Ten 10cc Songs

Well, over on Kid Shirt it's gone 10cc crazy. So, anyway, here's my top ten, well eight, 10cc songs:

01/ Rubber Bullets.

02/ Sunburn (Graham Gouldman).

03/ Donna.

04/ I'm Mandy, Fly Me.

05/ I'm Not In Love (It's pretty shit, but I snogged a girl called Judith to it in 1978).

06/ Building A Bridge To Your Heart (Wax : Graham Gouldman & Andrew Gold).

07/ Under Your Thumb (Godley & Creme). Just so crap it's genius.

08/ Clockwork Creep (Never heard it but what a great title).

There you go, I feel much better for that.


kek-w said...

Clockwork Creep is great!

Well done for incl. some stuff by Godley n Creme...and Gouldman...and Wax (v. underrated, I reckon!)

I'm really pleased you did 8, not 10 - some folks have been put off by having to do 10 songs - it's not an imperative lol!

I'll be rounding up URLs and linking all this stuff in a week's time (tho maybe longer if it takes a while to build up momentum...tho I expect it'll just be a handful of us...tho encouragingly I'm getting emails from all over the globe about this....would be great to build this up into a big collection of top tens....create linkages between people all over the place - that's what I mean by magic, see?...)


Dominic Zero said...

I was surprised how few 10cc songs I knew when it came down to it.