Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Books

Boris Vallejo Cover.^

Gino Achilleos cover. ^
Frank C Pape Cover ^ (Thanks JC).
'The Devil Rides Out' for Farmer Glitch. What a fucking great cover. Don't know the artist, feel free to enlighten me (JC?).
Thought I'd just randomly post a few books I've got my hands on recently - for no other reason than I haven't posted any lately.


El Duderino said...

Actually just today relisted an old Dennis that I've had for ages. Shall go post it now cos it's a good cover.

Shouldn't we declare a national Dennis Wheatley week or something?

Dominic Zero said...

I think we should...I'm gonna post a bunch more up later.

farmer glitch said...

Gonna have to grab the film of this again - see if it still scares tha shit out of me ...

Dominic Zero said...

It's a fine film...still freaks me out.