Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Niowulf Goes National

Good to see the Niowulf Conglomerate in The Daily Telegraph last Saturday. Apparently they're all Wii enthusiasts. I'm not sure how they just happened to be at The Brixton Bar & Grill when the national press showed up, but I'm sure there was no premeditation or sinister intention of rendering themselves globally famous then using their new found power to evil ends.
To quote Hardcore Gamer Niowulf himself (not pictured): 'When something comes out, I like to get hold of it'. I don't know how he got out of being in the picture, but the man standing in for him has clearly not done his research as the real Nio would have put a lot more thought into his pose and would be holding some kind of 'Nam chain gun rather than one of those Wii things.
Hey, maybe that's why they substituted him.


niowulf said...

Darn! I didn't think that anyone I knew read that paper.

You are right tho', the fella in the pic is my stuntman, as my hands are far too valuable to hold a Wiimote.

Dominic Zero said...

I usually read The Star, but Mrs Niowulf texted me (and probably everyone else you know)so I rushed out & bought it.
Man, it was embarrassing buying the Telegraph. I had to wear a hat & dark glasses.

Dominic Zero said...

A Wiimote? Hardcore.