Monday, August 27, 2007

Bob The Nailer

Just finished watching 'Shooter' - the straight to video adaptation of Stephen Hunter's 'Point Of Impact'. Not bad at all, a rather fine sniper fest, and even though Marky "Mark" Wahlberg is too young & not nearly grizzled enough to play Bob The Nailer it's a stripped down but pretty faithful version of the book.
I recommend going out and renting it so the producers can make their money back.


niowulf said...

I meant to see this at the cinema but I blinked and it was gone.

Dominic Zero said...

Yeah, I wasn't sure it made the cinema at all.
It's a good yarn, check it out.

El Duderino said...

Bob the Nailer! Can he hit it, can he fuck?
Saw this last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. It got a cinema release up here, for about 5 minutes.

Now everyone knows Bob is Clint, but Clint is way too old now and I thought Marky did a pretty good job, in an unshaven kinda way. I mean who else is there?

Had two of my fave cliches as well:
Showing pic of wife in opening scene - bad move. Also FBI chick says 'Try and get some sleep' - twice!!

Dominic Zero said...

Apparently the first choice was Keanu...who I love but would have been all wrong.
I thought Marky was pretty good, even though these days he's box office poison.

niowulf said...

Rent it?

I've downloaded to my iPod. Keep it 2 ins from your face and you can pretend to be in the Old Odeon marble Arch.

Halfway thru and enjoying it so far.