Saturday, February 10, 2007

The New Fucking Seekers

Talking of The New Seekers, they popped up on TOTP2 tonight, lighting up an otherwise duff evening, although the programme was marred by the appearance of Uber-Twats Cliff Richard & Van The Van Morrison singing about being bum-fucked by Jesus, and Electro-Cunt Gary Numan, aka The Man Who Killed Music singing about, well, nothing.
..And it's still better than having Dr Who on.


St Anthony said...

We ended up watching TOTP2, mainly because it followed on from the marvelous Sands Of The Kalahari and were sitting there laughing over the Van'n'Cliff show ... whatever came over Morrison ... surely it was the moment the last shred of credibility he had fled screaming into the night?
Silly old sod.

St Anthony said...

And then it suddenly struck me, watching Van heaving his gut about ... how much he resembled Timothy West.

Dominic Zero said...

God, yeah. Watched Sands Of The Kalahari too. Stuart Whitman Vs Baboons, haven't seen it for years.
Pretty much detested Van The Van from as far back as I can remember, though other people always seemed to do good versions of his stuff, Patti Smith, The Doors.
And Cliff, at least he had Wired For Sound under his belt, and Devil Woman.
Van had nothing.

El Duderino said...

I saw it too. For some reason I'd never heard that Van / Cliff thing before. It was truely horrendous.

kek-w said...

The video for "Wired for Sounds" is bloody marvellous: Cliff on roller-skates! "Power to all my Friends" is a fab song too.

I think you all know where I stand on van Morrison.

DavidER said...

Anyone remember the track "BoomTown" by The New Fucking Seekers? B side of "I'll teach the world to drink coke" if I recall. Fucking loved it.

Dominic Zero said...

Love The Fucking New Seekers, and I do remember 'Boom Town'. Better than the A side.
And nobody's stuck up for Numan, which is encouraging.
And you're right Kek - the video for 'Wired For Sound' is possibly the best ever made.