Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hannie Caulder / 100 Rifles

Especially for St Anthony, a couple of Raquel Welch movie tie-ins. I've actually got the book of Bandolero! somewhere, but fucked if I can find it.
Hannie Caulder also stars the Uber -Cool Robert Culp of I-Spy, plus Christopher Lee, Ernest Borgnine & Strother Martin. It's a must-see vengeance fest that's a fuck of a lot better than Kill Bill. Mind you, pretty much anything is better than Kill Bill.


St Anthony said...

Always remember Raquel in her blanket.
Strother Martin ... what a guy!
Ernest Borgnine ... a fine actor in his own right, and (to continue the Burroughs theme)the brother -in-law of the lawyer who took Burroughs' case when he shot his wife in Mexico City.

kek-w said...

"the brother-in-law of the lawyer who took Burroughs' case when he shot his wife in Mexico City..."

I wrote to Burroughs many years ago and asked him a series of dumb questions, and was kinda shocked that he answered my "Who were the most remarkable women you knew" question with (among others Patti Smith, Susan Sontag, etc) "Joan Burroughs".

Dominic Zero said...

Raquel Welch post turns into a Burroughs thing. That has to be weird.
Have to say, never much cared for Burroughs..didn't like Kerouac either, I must be the only one. Tried & tried.
Big Bukowski fan though, thanks to Lurch buying me 'Post Office' way back.

St Anthony said...

Bill and Joan had, according to many friends, a close and supportive relationship ... (when he wasn't off up the Amazon looking for yage or shagging young men in Mexico City) ... until, that is, he put a bullet in her head.
Bukowski often seen as 2nd generation Beat ... although he wasn't in full sympathy with that movement ... but what would Raquel make of Bill? What would Bill have made of Raquel? I guess we'll never know.

Dominic Zero said...

The mind boggles.
I just like Bukowski 'cause he just said it and then moved on.