Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sheryl Lee (Vampires / Twin Peaks / Backbeat).

Robert Patrick (Terminator 2 / Fuck Knows / Copland / The X Files).

Alexis Denisof (Buffy The Vampire Slayer / Angel).

Powers Boothe (Southern Comfort / Extreme Prejudice / Red Dawn / Tombstone).

Gina Gershon ( Showgirls / Face/Off / Bound).


El Duderino said...

#1 is Bruce Campbell. #2 Adam Baldwin? #4 is that bird from Alien whose name I can't remember. #9 Powers Boothe?

Molly Bloom said...

1. Bruce Campbell (I know Dudester already got it...but I'm going to say it again)
2. Is it Adam Baldwin? Or is it Will - you want to fight over it? Put em up! Put em up!
3. That is Michael Ironside playing Overdog in Spacehunter - Adventures in the Forbidden Zone - the best version being the 3D one (are you impressed?) Peter Straub should get a mention too here, don't you think?
4. Veronica Cartright
5. Scott Glen
6. Cheryl Lee
9. Powers Booth

Oh my god...I saw such a cool thing in John Lewis today - they've got rubber, stretchy figures of these characters - Wolfman, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein and The Mummy. I got The Creature and Frankenstein. I might even give one of them to you because you can reallly, realllllly stretch their arms. And all for £2.50! What more can you ask for. They also had miniature sweet jars full of Manga sweets for 99p! 99p I say! What more could you want?

Oh excited am I?
Get a grip woman!

Dudester - I sent you something today. Yay!

Dominic Zero said...

Doing well so far.
Peter Strauss was pretty big in his day, I reckon.
Molly's got the hard one..and named the film. I actually saw 'Spacehunter..' when it came out in 3D. I HATE 3D, your eyes just hurt after 10 minutes.
Anyway..I'm going back to the X Factor.

Molly Bloom said...

Is it Strauss? Ooops, sorry, I thought it was one of those weird German bees. I mean bs.

Dominic Zero said...

By the way, you're both right so far, still a few to go, though. I can tell from the lack of comments this Top 10 thing is losing its kudos, so who knows, this might be the last one...

JC said...

No.10. Gina Gershon?

Dominic Zero said...

Indeed it is JC, well done there, I was hoping nobody would get her.

Molly Bloom said... isn't losing its buzz Dom. I always love 'em. I'm sorry...but one of them looks like Johnny Depp. But he is really famous. Something nice to look at in my break though.

Dominic Zero said...

Not Johnny Depp..but I can't believe nobody's got the las two.
Going away for a couple of days & will reveal them when I'm back.

Molly Bloom said...

Ooooh, off again? A man of travels...hope there aren't any sticky floors!