Monday, October 09, 2006

Friday Night TV

Just a note that Sci Fi is showing V - The Series and Logan's Run from 8.00pm on fridays. Ah, worship the channel that's given up buying crap new stuff and has returned to the cheap, retro place where it belongs.


Molly Bloom said... I love 'LR'. Oooh, I'm looking forward to the next top 10. We haven't had one for ages. Aaaaages. It seems like we have entered some kind of strange time-portal where top 10s have been sucked. Some kind of nether-world that is like watching Channel 5 for three hours. You just don't know how many hours have passed and then you sit up and your cheese toasty has gone cold and those weird slithery yellow bits start moving of their own accord.

You see, I need some more Top 10s to stop me going off on some weird Science Fiction fantasy melted cheese moment, alright?!

Dominic Zero said...

Working on this space.