Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Watching V the other night..Sci Fi are repeating the original Mini-Series..and I'd almost forgotton the Godlike Genius of Michael Ironside. He absolutely steals it. Ham Tyler.. nasty mercenary..but with a heart. I fucking love V. It has a special place in my heart - 1983 -Kek-W - a rather bad speed come down that lasted five days - and V was on every night.
Ironside was also in Scanners, Total Recall and, above all, Extreme Prejudice. That's some Hard cv.
Apparently he's working on a series called Ice Planet. How can a series called Ice Planet not be fucking great? It's impossible.


niowulf said...

I remember that week in '83 when V was on late every night.

I took the whole week off work so I could enjoy staying up to watch it.

Dominic Zero said...

It was a Genius week. I didn't leave the house for six days. But that was mostly due to the Uber Come Down.

kek-w said...

Ham Tyler....brilliant. Ironside is Gruffness Incarnate.

Was it speed? I thought it was acid...but, fucking hell, it was a 6 day come-down w/ only "V" to get us thru it. Maybe it was acid and speed....that sounds scarily plausible.

I think we may have cracked when "V" finally finished and taken more drugs.

Dominic Zero said...

I think it was speed and acid. The speed was cut with barbs, so that made for an Uber-Downer.
V saved me - I remember that much.

KOM said...

I had a roomate when I was 21 who bought the series on VHS.

So many things that I'd forgotten from when I was a child. Beast Master! Slightly retarded Freddy Kreuger! Parrot eating! Red dust!

Man, it was everything the Who's Tommy should have been.