Sunday, February 26, 2006

Celebrities I Met This Week

As normal with a week on BBC Breakfast - getting up at 3am and trying not to kill anybody - I ended up with Bad Karma and Frazzled and totally out of sync with the rest of the planet (including nocturnal animals).
I did, however, meet the following people:

Alexei Sayle - If only I'd known I'd have brought in my copy of Cak! for him to sign. Fucking Genius.

Angela Rippon (quite nice in a Demonic sort of way) - Luckily for me she seems to have no recollection of the time I responded to her having a go at me by saying 'Do I look like I give a Fuck?' It was the 90's - I was more cutting edge back then.

Aled Jones - I have no time for his Bumboy singing - but he's a fucking good chap. I would like to go down the pub with him. At lunchtime though, not in the evening.

Aidan Quinn - er..he's some actor bloke from America who hasn't been in anything good. Well, maybe Desperately Seeking Susan if you like that kind of thing. Big star, really famous..

Kym Marsh (Hahahahaha) - She may well be representing our great country at Eurovision this year (I say again: Hahahahaha).

Roy Walker Off Catchphrase - It's a good answer but it's not right.

Kate Humble Off Animal Park - Mmmmmm. Hhhhumble.

Bill Tidy Off Nothing - Ancient incredibly unfunny cartoonist.

Suzi Quatro - (Apparently Back In Fashion) - Once again I'm not remembered for an incident some years ago after which Suzi Q could have legally killed me. Really - it was my worst day ever. Ever.

Well, that was my week. Now I'll spend the next fortnight trying to get my fucking body clock back to normal.

Oh yeah, I've got a few days off - so I'm going to release an album.


niowulf said...

Aiden Quinn, he was the evil escaped killer in the Richard Dreyfuss Movie "Stake Out".

I remember the Quattro incident, it involved the Boss's sports car, if I remember correctly.

Dominic Zero said...

Yeah - I still wake up screaming over that incident.

farmer glitch said...

I did a gig with Ms. Rippon last March - the word - closet dominatrix sort of sprung to mind at the time ...

Dominic Zero said...

She's Hard - Very Hard.