Saturday, December 17, 2005

They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

Today I seem to be suffering from a monumental hangover.
It was Lurch's birthday and I really didn't think I had drunk that much. I do seem to remember singing along to Public Image quite enthusiastically. And I think Lurch liked his Iron Man Hulkbuster action figure.
Toby turned up pissed from his work Xmas do where apparently his boss tried to thump him.
Anyway, it was a good night, despite being in the West End on a Friday (ie: standing up all fucking night and paying way too much money for lager) - but really - I don't think I drank that much.
So I've wasted today feeling like a soft turd and the only constructive things I've managed to do are download Biology by The G.A. and buy two giant tins of Celebrations (2 for £10 - Fuckin A).
Now I'm watching The X Factor - this is because I don't have the energy to pick up the remote - and I kind of want Journey South to win because they're such stuck in the fucking eighties pub-band cunts.
Anyway, the snooker's on soon, so I'll be greasing myself up for that.
I don't know what relevancee the picture has other than - JC - Who's the artist?
PS: Does anyone else think that the little kiddie G.A. fans might be confused by the fact that Biology has no chorus?


kek-w said...

I loooove those NEL 70's Dracula books...up there with the Edge western series...I seem to remember reading a couple of those in my teens.

I too have a stonking hangover. I'm off to watch a Bob Hope film. It's the only way to go. In bed by 10 tonight, I reckon.

Dominic Zero said...

You've made a good choice - Paul McCartney's on two fucking channels, so I'm going to bed with the new issue of Ultimates.

Dan said...

Off topic, but I wondered what knew, if anything, about David Pelham's cover art?

Dominic Zero said...

Don't know too much about David Pelham - though I do know he did a fair few covers for Penguin science fiction books in the 60s.
I'm intrigued though, so I shall delve deeper.

Dan said...

Cool, thanks. Am intrigued to see what you can dig up.
This is why I'm asking btw. My mate Japes is his son.

Dominic Zero said...

That's V Cool.
My dad got a mention in a book of Raymond Chandler's letters, best I can do.
Well I've dug up a couple of covers by Pelham..which I'll post..well, in a minute.

kek-w said...

Dan - you can tell yr mate that his dad is/was a seriously heavy-weight hitter in the design world, but he probably knows that already. There was a thread on the Dissensus forum a couple months ago on Classic penguin book-covers where Pelham was openly referred to as 'God' by one of my esteamed blogging colleagues...he has the power to reduce major critical intellectuals down to salivating fan-boys. I loooove his stuff.

You realise this'll spark off a load of cover posts now...

Stef said...

I keep finding myself liking that Biology track... Scary.

Dominic Zero said...

The GA are ace - don't fight it Stef

LJCWIGVC said...

I read your blog. It was interesting. Blogging is fun.


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