Thursday, August 25, 2005

Elizabeth Sladen

Apparently Sarah Jane Smith is going to be in an episode of the next series of Doctor Who.
Cool. I may watch.
She was the only assistant that wore cammo trousers as far as I remember.


kek-w said...

I'm very happy about that too.

However, I am considerably less happy about the fact that Russell 'Tee' has out-sourced the script-writing of a couple episodes to Stephen Fry.

Psychbloke said...

Surely the Brigadier sported the odd pair of cammos?

kek-w said...

And a moustache.

Dominic Zero said...

Well, The Brigadier wasn't an assistant really - was he?
I used to drink with him in the 80s in Soho. He was very bitter about having being typecast..and he never bought a fucking round.

kek-w said...

"I used to drink with him in the 80s in Soho..." Oh fuck, I forgot about that! That was back in yr Raymond Review Bar days, wasn't it?

Harry Worth came in the box-office one day too, didn't he?

And I always remember that time you suddenly ran outside and lobbed a half-full (styro-foam)coffee-cup at that kid who used to be in "East-Enders"

Fucking hell. Happy days!

Dominic Zero said...

The weirdest part was Captain Birdseye was The Brig's best buddy & he never bought a round either.
Benny Hill came in one time too - he tipped me a fiver.
I also had to throw Peter Cook out, much to my dismay. I had let him in and it turned out he'd been banned for 23 years.
Ah, great days indeed.

kek-w said...

Fantastic. I'd completely forgotten about Captain Birdseye too.

I wonder if he bitched about getting typecast too.

Dominic Zero said...

He did - the two of 'em used to moan about getting no work - then the Captain sued Birdseye & got his job back.