Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Seems a great shame that the last surviving Dalek turned out to be a complete ponse.
And The Doctor certainly didn't need a big rocket launcher when he could have just annoyed it to death.


kek-w said...

Dom - I reckon we should have a sweepstake to see whether David Tennent will be slightly more irritating than Christopher Ecclestone, or slightly less...

I think it will be a very close call.

Still, neither of them could be any more irritating than Russell (T) Davies. The 't' obviously stands for 'twat'.

Saw a clip of 'The Second Coming' which Davies wrote and which Ecclestone 'starred' in...and I couldn't tell whether he was playing a different character to Dr. Who or not. Talk about mugging to the camera.

Reckon he was typecast before he even appeared on Who. He can fuck off to Hollywood now and be the new Sean Bean for about 13.6 months until then run out of Brit villains to cast him as.

Dominic Zero said...

I think Neil Tennant should be the next Dr Who or possibly Sir Alan Sugar.
I'm sure Russell 'T' could write for a myriad of different actors, I mean...he's the new Richard Curtis right?