Friday, April 29, 2005

Dentists Are Evil

Two trips to The Dentist in two days due to my cheek swelling up to the size of a water melon (though strangely no pain at that point).
Yesterday he declared 'Tooth Dead With Abscess' and proceeded to drill right through the fucker with no anesthetic.
Last night by the time I got home I was in AGONY. Didn't get any sleep due to the prolonged AGONY - then went back this morning for more. As if to make up for the lack of any attempt at pain-killing the day before - he gives me FIVE FUCKING INJECTIONS - roof of the mouth - in the gum - IN THE FUCKING ABSCESS. Jesus that hurt. It hurt more than I ever want to be hurt again. Then he gives me a mirror to hold so I can actually watch him squeezing the puss and blood out of my FUCKING ABSCESS.
Then he put a foot on my chest and yanked out my tooth, which feels a little like somebody trying to kill you.
Still, on the up side it got me out of two days of The Fucking Election at work.

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