Saturday, July 18, 2009

Top 10 Movies Mrs Zero Won't Watch With Me.

Well, clearly no fucker's going to have a guess at #03, so I'm claiming a win and nobody wins the fabulous holiday.
#01 Kelly's Heroes (1970) .
#02 - Ice Station Zebra (1968).
#03 - The Man Who Would Be King (1975).
#04 - Red Dawn (1984).
#05 - The Wild Bunch (1969).
#06 - The Last Boy Scout (1992).
#07 - Mad Max 2 / The Road Warrior (1982).
#08 - The Wild Geese (1978).
#09 - Von Ryan's Express (1965).
#10 - Extreme Predjudice (1987).

There you go, 10 classic films that Mrs Z physically withers at the mere mention of. I guess that's marraige for means never having to say "Shall we watch 'Where Eagles Dare'".
Tell me all ten & win an all expenses paid holiday to Combe Martin...if it's still there.


Anonymous said...

I'll have a shot at four -

1 = The Dirty Dozen
5 = The Wild Bunch
7 = Mad Max II
8 = The Wild Geese


Charles Thomas said...

1.Kellys Heroes
2.Ice Station Zebra
4.Red Dawn
6.Toughie,The Last Boy Scout ?
7.The Road Warrior
8.The Wild Geese
9.Von Ryans Express
10.Extreme Prejudice

Dominic Zero said...

Sorry dudes, had no access for a few days. DavidER, you fell right into that Dirty Dozen trap I set, but the other 3 are right.
Charles...nice one 9/10, but no cigar.
No.3 is fucking really easy if you can figure out who the two actors are.

Anonymous said...

Why won't she watch "The Wild Geese"?

Dominic Zero said...

I don't know, there's plenty of cool films Mrs Zero does like, though I can prob do another top 10 on this same subject without much thought...

Molly Bloom said...

Oh Lordy. This post made me giggle with glee. I think everyone should do this post. How strange that I seem to pop by when there is a Top 10 going on. Oooooh....woooo..psychic links....Molly Bloom becomes the Wicker Woman.

I tend to leave the room when what I call the 'Moose on a Raft' genre spills onto the screen. These films always involve geese being taught to fly, mysterious Loch Ness big-eyed monsters, or gorillas that can talk. I'm not sure why he loves them so much. He leaves the room, when I watch things like 'Eden Lake'. It was a bit nasty at the end I suppose. Still, we're having great fun watching Genesis P's new films.

Hope you are well and happy Domsterxx

Dominic Zero said...

Molly! Ace!

Anonymous said...

aaaaagggghhhh!!!... wot is no 3? - it's driving me mad..

Anonymous said...

oops! just realised you've put the names up under 'em.. derrrr!! Never heard of it - who's in it? wossit about? would I like it?