Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kid Shirt Cake

I swear to God, I took this picture of Kid Shirt, Doppelganger & Farmer Glitch (yeah, yeah, I still can't do the 'click on the bold text & it'll take you to their page' thing - it's too fucking 2006 for me), among others, and, well, shit, it came out like this. I'm guessing they're all fucking vampires. Note the wisps of smoke, something freaky was going on.
Kek's Bash on Saturday night was just Legend. I wore my Luftwaffe gloves, talked Mucho Shit (see Doppledude's blog) and apparently fell over in Kek's garden.
I also met Kek's cat Jim - I was telling him all about Vernor Vinge - but the fucker walked off.
Also, during the Jack Daniels haze of The Westlands Social Club, I seem to remember eating a large piece of cake WITH KEK'S FACE ON IT. That just can't be right...can it? Can it???
All in all - fantastic night. I'm possibly actually still pissed.

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