Sunday, January 18, 2009

The GA

For Davider...vocal hogger Nadine Coyle, and for me..all of 'em in rubber. Cool. The new GA single is fantastic, penned by The Pet Shop Boys, I suggest getting hold of it.

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Anonymous said...

Yeh, actually I only recently turned on to the fuckin' music.. too busy gawpin' at 'em - they are indeed a nice blend of girly meat.
Yessiree.. the things I wanna do with poor lil ol' Nadine ain't nobody's bizz! When you worked with 'em didja get sticky shorts? - I woulda!
Anyway, sucks to you, I can beat that - I'm a scant few relatives away from Cheryl since our Penny wed into that giant pool of Geordieness. My son-in-law's cousin's got a kid with Cheryl's Ma, so he's round the house all the time and knows old Cheryl very well indeed. Naa Naa Na Na Naaa...