Sunday, November 30, 2008

How Old?

Well, now. Very Old today, but the depressing ageing thing has been offset by Mrs Zero buying me the latest Stephen Hunter...a king among writers..He's so fucking Eighties it's like he still lives back there.
I shall be reading it very soon, next week in fact as I travel by train down to our great capital to work, once again, in television. Oh, well, I did get out for almost two years. That has to count for something, right? I worked some overnights last week on Channel Five's American Football. Free chocolate & my name on the credits really didn't make me feel any better. Walking back into the studio firing line just made me nauseous and somewhat retarded. It's looking like I might be back in the television genre just in time to see it finally fist-fuck itself to death.
On top of that I goosed my knee a few weeks back and standing up for eight hours in a studio didn't really help. The most annoying thing is my other knee's fucked now from taking all the weight. Go figure.
Still, using a walking stick for a week was cool. It felt very cosmopolitan.
Apologies for not posting for over a month (to anybody who gives a crap), I have no excuse other than I really had nothing to say. And as you probably can see...I still don't.


Anonymous said...

Aaaaw c'mon, you've always had loads to say, y'one-legged retard! Don't give up on us now just 'cos yer back's up agin the wall with the TV shit!

Stephen Hunter - what kinda stuff he do? - d'ya think me'd like him? - maybe you can recommend a title? Just read an Elmore Leonard, "Freaky Deaky", really enjoyed it - don't often read crime - just do it!

Dominic Zero said...

Hunter's more of a decent hard men fighting against the odds & shooting the fuck out of everything than a crime writer..Having said that he's in the same arena as Elmore L.
My personal favourite is 'The Day Before Midnight', but I would start off with 'Dirty White Boys'. 'Point Of Impact' or 'Black Light.' He's especially good if you like snipers.

Anonymous said...

I fuckin' love snipers!! Cool, thanks for the tips. Especially like the title "Dirty White Boys".

BTW - stumbled by accident on this yank bloke's blog t'other day,, some interesting bits and bobs here which I thought may interest you...

Dominic Zero said...

If you like snipers..try 'A Time To Hunt' or 'The Master Sniper'. He really does good sniper.