Saturday, October 11, 2008

Top Ten Disaster Movies.

Ah, a Top Ten. #01 : Daylight (1996).
#02 : Dante's Peak (1997).

#03 : Earthquake (1974).
#04 : Deep Impact (1998).

#05 : The Day The Earth Caught Fire (1961).
#06 : The Poseidon Adventure (1972).
#07 : A Night To Remember (1958).
#08 : The Core (2003).
#09 : The Towering Inferno (1974).
#10 : Airport '77 (1977).
There you go, a true pleasure to compile. Tell me all ten movies and win an invitation to come and have tea & biscuits & creamo at my villa in the country*.
*I may not be there.


JC said...

I'll have a go!

1. Daylight.

2. Dante's Peak.

3. ?

4. Deep Impact?

5. ?

6. The Poseidon Adventure.

7. A Night to Remember?

8. The Core?

9. ?

10. ?

kek-w said...

5...The Day the Earth caught Fire....?

El Duderino said...

10 is Christopher Lee who was in one of the Airport films I think. '77?

Is 3 The Omega Man? 'Spose it was a kind of disaster movie. Nice rack, anyway.

Dominic Zero said...

Every body's right...except #3 is not The Omega Man. I don't really consider it a disaster movie as such, but it's a damn sight better than 'I Am Legend'.
JC - well done on getting 'The Core'
Kek - good one getting 'Day The Earth Caught Fire' I thought those were the two hardest.
And Dude, getting the right year on an Airport movie is essential..nice one.
In fact, in my haste doing this post I actually left one here it comes..A Top Eleven!

Dominic Zero said...

PS: I thought that #09 was pretty much the easiest one.....

El Duderino said...

9 isn't The Day After Tommorow is it? I would have said it already but it's a shit film.

OK wild guess. 3 is Earthquake?

Dominic Zero said...

Well done on 'Earthquake'..that's the very curvy Victoria Principal before she went all Dallas.
And no, #9 ain't 'The Day After Tomorrow.'...I can't BELIEVE nobody's got this one.

JC said...

9. The Towering Inferno

Dominic Zero said...

Yeah, nice one, but do you know which two books it's based on????

JC said...

'The Tower' and 'The Glass Inferno'.

Dominic Zero said...

Alright smart ass! Any ideas on #11 in my top ten???

JC said...

So far, not a clue!